Additional classes

Additional classes are beyond the basic package of classes and are charged separately. The classes are for those children whose parents previously consented to such activities.

Taekwon-Do training

"Małe Smoki" [Little Dragons] are recreational martial arts classes for preschool children (3-6 year olds). The Krakow Taekwon-Do Center has been running the project "Małe Smoki – Future Kidz" since 2006. The educational program is based on an American system for working with children: Future Kidz, a comprehensive training program designed by Melody Shuman from the U.S. Her concept of general training originated over 10 years ago and has become the most popular tool for working with children in martial arts clubs around the world.

The system is based on eight abilities to be taught and developed: concentration, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness and coordination.

Taekwon-Do training develops general physical fitness. Children learn to throw and catch objects, jump, move in various directions and do rolls. They learn the basics of Taekwon-Do: various positions, kicks, blows and ways of defense. All activities are carried out on a non-contact basis and are a form of play. Classes are also complemented with the knowledge about Korea. Children learn some basic phrases in Korean.

An important part of the training is the development of psychological traits, and thus: coping with being nervous, making friends, respecting others, sharing, presenting good manners, avoiding threats and taking a positive approach to challenges.

Individual workouts make up a whole. Children have a specific examination system and are rewarded after each workout. Parents receive updated information about their child's progress and so are involved in the process and can support their child's development.

In our preschool, the classes are conducted by Aleksandra Polańska – a first dan holder, Taekwon-Do instructor, student of pedagogy, repeat Taekwon-Do Polish Champion, two-time European Champion.

Modern dance

Classes of dance and movement for children aged 3-5 conducted by an instructor from FunkyFree Studio. During these activities, children discover their natural motor abilities. They also learn about the basics of ballet, folk dance and modern dance. The classes are a form of fun spontaneous play with dancing.

The most important benefits of taking part in the dance classes:

  • developing a sense of rhythm, motor coordination and physical memory;
  • shaping the proper body posture and introducing body awareness through a selection of appropriate exercises and dance forms;
  • shaping some character traits including courage, perseverance, patience and resistance to fatigue;
  • learning group interaction skills, creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, building mutual trust, maintaining discipline and following the rules of appropriate behavior;
  • exploring various dance forms: ballet, modern dance, folk dance; learning one's steps and choreography.

Robotics workshops

Robo-Warsztaty. Classes are organized once a month in smaller groups. Through play with Lego blocks, children learn the secrets of robotics and programming. The classes develop logical thinking, teamwork, spatial imagination and manual abilities.

During the classes, children construct mobile animals, vehicles and other fascinating objects.

Animation workshops

Stop-motion animation workshops are conducted by Marta Skrocka (a graduate of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Faculty of Graphics Arts, Animated Film Workshop) and Cezary Skrocki (a graduate of The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, the Białystok branch, the Faculty of Puppetry) from the HURRA! Studio.

The workshops are held once a year, take a form of four two-hour meetings during which children make up a scenario, design characters and create stage design to make their own animated film.

The classes end with a show for parents where the films made by children are broadcast.

Ski school

The ski school classes are held once a week during the ski season.

Corrective gymnastics

Corrective gymnastics classes are conducted by qualified instructors. They aim at:

  • correcting bad posture in children and preventing further defects, reaching the status of normal physical fitness in children;
  • improving general physical performance;
  • teaching children to form a habit of maintaining a normal posture in everyday situations;
  • encouraging them to care for their own health and body hygiene, and to improve their general fitness.