Our preschool has started the program of pre-school education entitled "Dziecko w swoim żywiole" (The child in their element). It is a modern early childhood education program addressed to all preschool age groups. It resulted from the cooperation of experienced teachers and psychologists who suggested a new and original way of material organization. The annual cycle of work is based on classical elements (earth, fire, water and air). This approach allows us to go beyond the pattern of the seasons and provide children with a more attractive view of the world which stimulates their imagination. Finally, it is a program perfectly tailored to the developmental needs of toddlers.

The aim of PANDA Preschool is to foster comprehensive, complete and harmonious development of children which is ideally achieved through play, and learning accompanied by play. We encourage children to find new hobbies by taking part in our activities which stimulate their imagination and require psychomotor engagement; we teach how to be open, to know one's manners and we encourage a sense of aesthetics. During classes, children have the opportunity to develop their talents. Particular attention is paid to the learning of practical skills needed on a daily basis and to developing self-care skills.

In addition to the above program, we conduct a number of interesting, diverse educational and artistic classes aimed at making children familiar with various forms of activities and new situations, places or people.

The English language – MUSICAL BABIES

The classes are taught by teachers from Centrum Językowe Mova linguistic center. Musical Babies is a proprietary program by Anna Rattenbury for early learning of English. The classes aim to combine some vital elements to facilitate foreign language acquisition, i.e. early stress-free exposure to the language, play with rhythm and classical music, and movement. An important element of the classes, particularly in the younger groups, is maintaining a certain routine, so that children feel safe and are aware of each consecutive stage of the class.

Eurhythmics, music workshops and music teaching

Music is an important component of child development, therefore, our preschool is full of various sounds; music accompanies us every day and is all around us. Children regularly take part in eurhythmics classes to the accompaniment of a piano, they attend music workshops run by professional musicians and composers (music workshops with a harp), they play instruments and listen to various kinds of music. Plenty of time is devoted to singing and dancing. The classes aim at developing children's musicality, imagination, sense of rhythm and ear for music.

Speech therapy classes

These are daily classes. They are conducted by a speech therapist who, having consulted the teachers, identifies the children in need of therapy. Classes are conducted individually and any piece of information about the children's progress is systematically reported to parents. The main objective of speech therapy is early detection of speech defects and their effective treatment. The first class primarily covers general development play, breathing and auditory exercises, pronunciation and rhythmic speech activities. Consecutive classes are all about systematic work on correcting speech defects.


The ceramics classes are conducted by Czesława Mędrek, an artist who is perfect at introducing children into the extraordinary world created with clay. The classes show how to be creative, patient and how to stay focused; they also develop children's manual skills. Additionally, the classes serve as a means to perform many tasks aimed at developing spatial orientation, the powers of concentration and visual-motor coordination. The greatest reward is the end-product of the works created by the children themselves.

Dog-assisted classes

Meetings with a dog take a form of educational activities combined with play and elements of dog-assisted therapy. Children learn to take care of a pet, to handle it and stay safe in relation with unfamiliar dogs; they also learn about the ways to have fun with dogs and enjoy their time together. Contacting animals is extremely important for children, as it has a positive influence on child development.

Gardening workshops – Klub Małego Ogrodnika

Our preschool is full of those willing to help. The backyard has a separate area for a vegetable garden. Children cultivate it, plant vegetables, water and tend them. Children observe the processes occurring in nature while naturally learning about responsibility and patience: before they eventually grow a little plant, they have to water it regularly and tend it.

Cooking classes – Klub Małego Kucharza

During cooking classes children learn to prepare various dishes: we roll out dough, we cut out shapes with cookie cutters, we bake cookies, and we slice and combine various ingredients. The classes are extremely interesting and important to children: they teach creativity and self-care, they develop manual skills, stimulate children’s senses and, most importantly, children learn the practical skills they need on a daily basis.

Drama workshops

Making children acquainted with various stage forms (drama, mime and puppet theater), engaging them in exercises to perform short scenes, these classes give children the opportunity to express themselves. The classes teach creativity, familiarity with the stage and speaking in public, and most importantly, children open up to the art of drama.

Creative play

The classes are designed to stimulate and develop creativity in children. They involve creating artworks using various techniques; children are able to take part in expressive artistic activities and learn to use and combine some ready-made elements in order to create their own compositions. As part of our proactive ecology program, we upcycle yoghurt and drink packaging, cartons and boxes and natural raw materials like groats, rice, pasta and salt dough.

Art meetings

Staying in touch with arts, i.e. going to see a stage play, visiting museums and galleries, exploring and analyzing the works of various artists, gives the children versatility, refinement and sensitivity to art.

Science classes and nature workshops

The classes cover fascinating scientific experiments performed with the help of children. Students get familiar with a microscope and a telescope and get introduced into the extraordinary world of science. Together, we discover the world's secrets and learn to see the world from a scientist's perspective. Children acquire analytical and research skills.

Culture workshops

People of various cultures and nationalities are frequent guests in our preschool. They present their countries of origin, their native customs, forms of entertainment, national cuisine and other distinctive elements of their cultures and traditions. These meetings are extremely important for children who can discover some foreign cultures and nationalities, learn their manners, and be shown how to be open and tolerant toward other people.