Daily schedule in the Klub Malucha PANDA daycare facility is tailored to the individual needs of children. It is created on the basis of an interview with parents, so that your little ones keep their usual daily rhythm just like they do at home.

Sample daily schedule includes:

  • Individual play under teacher's supervision,
  • Meals: breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon snack,
  • Sleep,
  • Child care and hygiene,
  • Play requiring contact interaction and imitation,
  • Play supporting motricity development,
  • Fun musical activities,
  • Playing in the backyard under favorable weather conditions.

Thematic activities organized for our youngest children:

  • Arts and crafts classes for manual dexterity (grasping spoons, transferring objects from one dish to another, using crayons, attempts at painting, learning a variety of textures and surfaces by touch).
  • Eurhythmics and music classes (listening to classical and relaxing music, playing instruments, learning a variety of sounds, singing songs, dancing with other children).
  • Easy-peasy reads (reading children's books, learning new words and associating them with pictures).