Dear Parents,

Our preschool and Klub Malucha PANDA were created specifically for your little ones. We are well aware that it may be hard to find appropriate care for your children. This is why we decided to be of help!

We provide care for children aged from 8 months to 6 years.

Since September 2012, Klub PANDA has expanded into a creative arts daycare facility.

Our aim is to assist and support parents in their children's upbringing. Our nursery provides a friendly, homely atmosphere for the children to quickly settle in. You can rest assured that with us your children will be safe, cheerful and they will smile a lot.

Our main objective is to support and shape the development of children in accordance with their innate potential and the abilities to develop.

We offer an interesting educational and artistic curriculum to stimulate child development, provide some interesting didactic relationships fostering the children to express themselves through arts and crafts, music, and physical and verbal creations.

The preschool and club offer regular English classes using the Musical Babies Method, eurhythmics with elements of music therapy, ceramics classes, dog-assisted activities, drama workshops and additional activities, i.e. modern dance classes, Taekwon-Do training, swimming pool classes, animation workshops, robotics classes and winter ski school. All classes are conducted by professional staff members specialized in specific fields. Arts classes are conducted by professional artists.

Trusting your child with us, you can be assured that he/she will spend their time here in a creative and active manner.

Our facility features play areas separate for infants/toddlers and older children. During the day, children take part in joint activities so that they learn to work together and accept one another, which has a positive effect on their development. We also have a large backyard with a playground and a vegetable garden where children tend plants and grow vegetables. We spend a lot of time outdoors. In spring and summer, many activities like ceramics classes and Taekwon-Do training are organized in the backyard.

With easy access, a spacious parking lot and homelike atmosphere, our place offers comfort and safety for your children to stay. You are most welcome to visit and check for yourselves!